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Summer Programming 2018

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1) Listening For Success by NOSHC & Handwriting Helpers by Kim4Kids

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Program: Enroll in one program (L4S or HH) or both program. Monday through Friday - 1 hour Listening 4 Success, 1 hour Handwriting Helpers (2 hours if both programs) Open to entering PK4 through 4th grade. Some grades not available for L4S, see schedule below.

Locations: Jewish Community Center - Uptown New Orleans

Pricing: Both (L4S and HH) Programs: Register after July 1, 2018 = $360.00

One (L4S or HH) Program: Register after July 1, 2018 = $190.00

About Listening For Success (L4S):

Listening For Success was developed from the Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center’s program, Language to Literacy. The program is dedicated to enhancing academic performance through the following skills: auditory processing, phonological awareness, phonics, expressive and receptive language, as well as teaching students to be self-advocates in the classroom and to use resources. Students will participate in classroom focused activities geared to enrich abilities to follow directions, maintain attention, and recall information.

L4S goals include:

• Establishing/improving organization skills

• Equipping students with compensatory strategies for improved attention, listening, and memory skills

• Teaching students to be self-advocates and to use resources

• Improving language skills: building vocabulary and understanding concepts

• Improving phonological awareness and phonics skills

• Reading, writing, and word attack skill enhancement

• Improving decoding and spelling skills

• Establishing specific strategies for improved reading comprehension

About Handwriting Helpers (HH):

Kimberly Bradley, MS, LOTR at Kim4Kids, LLC is pleased to offer a summer academic and enrichment program for handwriting. Handwriting Helpers is a program designed specifically for students who would benefit from academic preparation of written work for the upcoming school year. Handwriting Helpers has been developed to fit the writing needs and demands your child will experience in his or her upcoming grade level.

Each group is developed and directed by pediatric occupational therapist, Kimberly Bradley, MS, LOTR, who has exclusive experience of over 16 years in working with children with writing difficulties and teaching evidenced based strategies to make writing fun, interactive, and easier. She has also consulted with and educated countless teachers on best practice methods for handwriting instruction. Classes are led by pediatric occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants. Whether you feel your child has difficulty with handwriting or not, Handwriting Helpers is a skill building program, as well as an enrichment program. Your child will get a jump start on writing demands for the upcoming school year.

In addition to the multi sensory handwriting enrichment program, a keyboarding program is also offered. Keyboarding is also an extremely important skill, as children are becoming exposed earlier and earlier to the keyboard. Early exposure can negatively impact keyboarding skills, as the child learns maladaptive techniques, rather than the efficient home row strategy.

Pre-K Primer: Students entering Pre-K4 will focus on fine motor development, pencil grasp strengthening, drawing a picture of a person, mastery of writing first name in capital letters, & capital letter instruction.

Kindergarten: Students entering Kindergarten. Lower case letter instruction, mastery of first and last name using lower case letters, & writing simple words in lower case.

Writer’s Workshop: Students entering 1st or 2nd grade. Focus on composing and writing sentences, strategies to decrease reversals, & improving organization of written work on paper

Cursive Crusaders: Students entering 3rd or 4th. Introduction to cursive instruction and improving cursive speed, fluidity, and legibility.

Keyboarding Kings: Students entering 3rd grade and up. Keyboard instruction program (some locations require student to provide own laptop).

If you have specific questions about Handwriting Helpers, please call or email Kim

Bradley, phone 504-430-2738, .

Program are limited so register soon. Times are subject to change. Cancellation Policy: If minimum class enrollment is not met, NOSHC/Kim4Kids has the right to cancel the class. Registration fees are non-refundable unless NOSHC/Kim4Kids cancels the program. If you cancel 15 days prior for the first day of selected program, you will receive a 80% refund. If you cancel 14 to 7 days prior of the first day of the selected program, 50% refund. No refund will be given, if you cancel within 6 days of the selected program start date.