Speech-Language Pathology Department

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology

A speech-language pathologist is someone who evaluates, diagnoses, and treats: speech, language, and cognitive-communication disorders.

At NOSHC, we have 11 certified and licensed speech-language pathologists on staff and 3 speech-language pathology assistants.

Los patólogos del habla y el lenguaje

"Los patólogos del habla y el lenguaje ayudan a las personas a desarrollar sus habilidades de comunicación y tratan los desordenes del habla, del lenguaje, y de la voz."* En NOSHC, nosotros ofrecemos servicios de terapia del habla y lenguaje para los niños. Tenemos español-inglés bilingüe patólogos del habla y lenguaje y también tenemos personal de la oficina que hablan inglés y español.

*Información de www.asha.org

Speech-Language Evaluation

How the NOSHC evaluation process works:

  1. Intake Interview
  2. Hearing Screening
  3. Formal/Informal Testing to rule out the following:
    • Articulation Disorder
    • Fluency Disorder
    • Voice Disorder
    • Expressive and/or Receptive Language Disorder
    • Social Pragmatic Disorder
    • Language Processing Disorder
    • Auditory Processing Deficits
    • Phonological Awareness Deficits
    • Reading Deficits
    • Spelling Deficits
    • Dyslexia

4. Formal Written Report

Evaluación en español

Evaluación del Habla-Lenguaje

1) Entrevista de admisión

2) Examen de auditivo

3) Formal/Informal exámenes

4) Reporte por escrito

Speech-Language Therapy

If your child is recommended for speech and/or language therapy services or intervention we offer:

Individual Therapy

Pair Therapy

Small Group Therapy

Special Programming

What parents are saying about NOSHC:

"Thank you to the New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center for helping me see other ways to help my child read more, work with other children, spell and sound out words, learn meanings of words, and mainly how to ask a question." - Henry's parent

"We have seen some progress in areas where she had made no progress at school." - Clare's parent

"You have given me hope and a measure of peace for Gideon’s future." - Gideon's mother

Developmental Milestones

Do you ever wonder if your child is reaching the speech/language/talking milestones at the appropriate age? Identifying a speech and/or language delay at a young age allows time for intervention and therapy with a speech-language pathologist.

Talking Milestones from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

7 Months to 1 Year

Babbling has both long and short groups of sounds such as “tata upup bibibibi”

Uses speech or noncrying sounds to get and keep attention

Uses gestures to communicate (waving, holding arms to be picked up)

Imitates different speech sounds

10 - 12 words (hi, dog, dada, mama) at 1 year, although sounds may not be clear

One to Two Years

Says more words every month

Uses some one- or two- word questions (“Where kitty?” “Go bye-bye?” “What’s that?”)

Puts two words together (“more cookie,” “no juice,” “mommy book”)

Uses many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words

300 words at age 2

Two to Three Years

Has a word for almost everything

Uses two- or three- words to talk about and ask for things

Often asks for or directs attention to objects by naming them

By age 3: Uses b, d, h, m, n, p, w, t, k, g, and f sounds. Speech is understood by familiar listeners most of the time

1,000 words by age 3

Three to Four Years

Talks about activities at school or at friends’ homes

People outside of the family usually understand child’s speech

Uses a lot of sentences that have 4 or more words

Usually talks easily without repeating syllables or words

By age 5: Uses ch, j, l, s, and sh sounds - By age 6: Uses r, v, and th sounds

This information represents, on average, the age by which most monolingual speaking children will accomplish the listed milestones. Children typically do not master all items in a category until they reach the upper age in each age range. Just because your child has not accomplished one skill within an age range does not mean your child has a disorder. Call New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center at 504-897-2606 to schedule an evaluation.