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Audiology Department

Our Audiology Department serves all ages from infants to adults.
    At NOSHC, we have two certified and licensed audiologists on staff (pictured to the left) and a 4th year graduate student from LSU Health Sciences Center.
    An audiologist is a professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss. Audiologists have extensive training and skills to evaluate the hearing of adults, infants and children of all ages. Audiologists conduct a wide variety of tests to determine the exact nature of an individual's hearing problem. Audiologists present a variety of treatment options to patients with hearing impairment. Audiologists dispense and fit hearing aids and provide hearing rehabilitation training. Audiologists refer patients to physicians when the hearing problem needs medical or surgical evaluation. 
        NOSHC is the exclusive facility in Southeastern Louisiana with the Vivosonic Integrity Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) machine. The ABR machine can test infants' and toddlers' hearing without requiring the child to be alseep or sedated.
        Along with ABR testing, NOSHC also offers  Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Testing. A diagnosis of APD can only be made by an audiologist.
        We also offer Musician Earplugs. Custom musician earplugs allow musicians to maintain the fidelity of sound while reducing the sound’s intensity. A great investment for all musicians and concert lovers!
        Check out for reviews of our audiologists.

Los audiólogos
        Los audiólogos son profesionales que se especializan en la prevención, detección y evaluación de los desordenes de audición y ofrecen tratamiento, servicios de rehabilitación, y servicios de ayuda. Seleccionan, ajustan y distribuyen sistemas de amplificación como los auxiliares auditivos. También ayudan a prevenir la pérdida de audición mediante la distribución y el ajuste de protectores auditivos, la asesoría respecto a los efectos del ruido sobre la audición y la educación al consumidor.* 
    En NOSHC, tenemos 2 audiológas y ofrecemos servicios de audiología para los infantes hasta los de mayor de edad.
*Información de
             Audiology Evaluation Methods
        · Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations
        · Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
        · Play audiometry
       · Tympanometry
       · Acoustic Reflex Testing
       · Otoacoustic Emission Testing
       · Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
       · Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)
       · (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder Testing
       · Hearing Aids
       · Assistive Listening Devices
               · Amplified phones
               · Shake awake alarm clocks
               · Bed vibrators
               · Television ears
               · Visual alert systems
               · Pocket talker

 If You Think Your Child Has a Hearing Loss
From birth to three months the child should...
    Startle or cry at loud noises
    Stop moving and seem to listen to speech or sounds
    Awaken at a loud sound
From three to six months your child should...
    Look toward a sound or speaker
    Smile when spoken to
    Recognize mother's voice
    Enjoy rattles and other toys that make sounds
 From six to nine months your child should...
    Respond to his/her name
    Babble and make lots of different sounds
    Respond to "no"
 From nine to twelve months your child should...
    Turn or look when name is called
    Listen to people talking
    Respond to simple commands like "give me," "come here"
    Understand "bye-bye"
 From twelve to eighteen months your child should...
    Point to objects or familiar people by name
    Imitate simple sounds or words
    Follow simple spoken directions
    Say 2-3 words by age one and 8-10 words by 18 months
 From 1½ years to five years of age your child should...
    Hear you call from another room
    Hear and understand conversation easily
    Hear TV or music at same loudness level as everyone
    Hear quiet speech
    Have normal voice qualities
    Have normal verbal language development