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This photo is too Buku!
Last weekend 3/22, our audiologist, Melody took ear impressions for musicians at Buku Festival that was held at Mardi Gras World. The impressions will be used to make custom musicians' ear plugs and were made possible by the MusiCares Foundation.

 March 5, 2014
Success Story – Chrissy

Chrissy is an 8 year old client at NOSHC, currently in therapy with speech-language pathologist Susan Friedman.

            Chrissy was diagnosed with a hearing loss at 9 months and was fitted with hearing aids in 2007. Chrissy’s mom, Pamela said, “At age 4, Chrissy was barely talking and it was difficult to understand her.” Knowing the importance of early identification and intervention, Susan and Chrissy began therapy together 4 years ago at Bright School.  After years of hard work with Susan, Chrissy now uses age appropriate speech and language and does well in school.

Even though at times therapy can be hard work, Chrissy’s favorite part of therapy is to play games! With 30 years of experience in speech-language pathology, Susan knows exactly what games and activities to tailor around developing Chrissy’s speech goals. Right now they are practicing the pronunciation of the letter /S/ like in the word ‘school.’ Chrissy also does a lot of reading at school and in therapy. Keeping up with her reading will be important for her to stay on the appropriate grade reading level.  Over the next years and with Susan’s continued support, Chrissy will continue to strengthen her ability to understand main ideas in passages of text and use logic to solve problems.

A portion of Chrissy’s success can be attributed to her mother, Pamela, who supports her in a proactive manner by making sure that they never miss a speech appointment and by ensuring that Chrissy completes all her homework, and receives extra help in school.

We wish Chrissy continued success in 2014 (all A’s and B’s on her most recent report card!) and look forward to hearing about her progress in the years to come.


February 5, 2014 - The Show Must Go On!

The Process of Ear Impressions

                          Photo 1                                                    Photo 2                                                      Photo 3









For  the Cast and Crew of Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles

Just a couple of weeks ago one of our audiologists, Melody, took ear mold impressions for some of the cast and crew of ‘Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles.’ In the back stage of the newly renovated Saenger Theatre, Melody began the process of ear impressions.

She first gives an otoscopic examination in each ear which is the study of the size, shape, and curve of the ear canal (photo 1). She then inserts a cotton ball just past the second bend of the ear canal (photo 2). Melody rolls together silicon impression material and via syringe fills the ear and a small part of the outside of the ear with the impression material (photo 3). After about 5-7 minutes the product hardens in the ear and Melody removes the impression. A good impression will show two bends in the ear. The impression is sent to a company that will use it to make custom musicians’ earplugs for the cast and crew. The musician earplugs are able to protect their ears and allow them to put on a fabulous tribute to the Beatles.

Similar ear molds are available to musicians and anyone in community who want to protect their hearing but still be able to enjoy the music. Come get your custom earplugs at NOSHC today!


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