New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center (NOSHC) was founded in 1930 and continues to be the forerunner of speech and hearing centers in the New Orleans area.

Our audiology services include comprehensive hearing testing and rehabilitation, including hearing aids for both children and adults. We also offer Auditory Attention Screenings, Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Testing, and non-sedated Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing. For more info on our audiology department and services, click here.

Our speech-language pathology department administers formal and informal testing to address the following: articulation disorder, fluency disorder, voice disorder, expressive and/or receptive language disorder, social pragmatic disorder, language processing disorder, auditory processing deficits, phonological awareness deficits, and reading/spelling deficits. For more info on our speech-pathology department and services, click here.

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                   December 4, 2014
As a part of his speech therapy last week, Elijah spoke with several NOSHC employees about their Thanksgiving plans.Elijah’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Day Parade. This year he especially liked the Skylanders Trap Team float. Elijah and his mother plan on going to Celebration In The Oaks this month. Thanks for sharing Elijah!
                October 16, 2014
                   NOSHC screened vision and hearing for over 600 students at Chalmette High School!
May 5, 2014

Fourth year Audiology graduate student, Dori C., quickly became a part of the New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center family in June 2013. Originally from Lafayette, LA, Dori settled in New Orleans 4 years ago to begin her doctoral degree at LSU Health Sciences Center.

Dori has achieved many accomplishments during her one year externship at NOSHC. Whether she organized hearing equipment for inventory or identified a child’s hearing loss for the first time, Dori always exhibits professionalism and an ‘above and beyond’ attitude. Dori’s attention to detail and respect toward others can be seen in all of her efforts. She currently has the highest number of acknowledgments by her fellow staff members in the ‘Team NOSHC’ outstanding employee contest. The monthly contest asks NOSHC employees to highlight accomplishments of their coworkers.

Dori recently made a major positive impact on a hearing aid client’s life. Dori fit Neil Herschkowitz with Ria, a new Oticon hearing aid. One of Oticon Ria’s special features is its ability to be compatible with other devices like phones. It can also be programmed for various settings; one setting diminishes background noise in busy situations, for example. Thanks to a grant with the local Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Foundation, NOSHC can fit these hearing aids free of charge to those who qualify. Here is what Mr. Herschkowitz had to say about his experience with his new hearing aid:

"Regaining my hearing demonstrates exactly how technology and humanity come together and change one life at a time for the better. To hear the subtle nuances of life once again and to participate is a joy that goes beyond words.

To the compassion and humanity of NOSHC, and to the breakthrough, cutting edge technology of the Oticon Ria; I will forever be grateful.”

Thank you Dori for embodying the mission of NOSHC; to serve the community by improving clients’ quality of life and helping them connect with others.

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